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Kerry Mann

Kerry embarked on a new chapter as a Tax Manager at Bush & Co Ltd in August 2023. In her current role, she oversees a diverse client portfolio, ensuring adherence to tax compliance, meeting deadlines, and surpassing client expectations.

Her portfolio comprises clients with diverse backgrounds, including those with rental portfolios, residency issues, foreign income, investments, and sole trades. Kerry is committed to continuous learning to provide the highest level of service to clients.

Kerry's Story

I started my career in personal tax in 2006 and started to undertake the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) qualification in 2007. I gained membership to the ATT in 2009, and after 13 years building up my experience and knowledge, started working as a Tax Manager at Bush & Co!

What particularly strikes me about the culture at Bush & Co is the friendliness of the staff and the genuine enthusiasm to go above and beyond for clients to give them great service and care.

We use our knowledge and skills to ensure that our clients are able to meet their obligations with HMRC and to identify any planning opportunities to deal with matters in the most efficient way.