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Running and developing your business can be a challenge and while few people who are starting a business will naturally plan for its end, it is nevertheless essential to consider how you will exit your business if that situation arises. We can help you put together a comprehensive exit plan, which will minimise your tax liabilities, maximise your financial gains, and help to ensure a smooth transition of ownership.

From creating a succession plan, to setting a price, choosing the best time to sell, and making the sale, our expert advisers can guide you through the process.

You may wish to have in place an effective succession plan which will help to ensure that the transfer of your business goes as smoothly as possible, and that you will also minimise the tax liabilities and maximise your financial gains. A robust succession plan will ensure that control of the business is transferred according to your wishes, while also providing ongoing financial security for you and your family.

From investing in the right people, to implementing your plans, we can help negotiate the complexity of governance and regulations to ensure the best possible outcome.

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