Celebrating Women in Finance: Empowering Voices in Accountancy at Bush & Co and Astria Payroll

The financial sector doesn’t always stand out as a beacon of progress and empowerment for women worldwide. Within this landscape, Bush & Co and it’s sister company, Astria Payroll, proudly exemplify a female-dominated organisation, drawing admiration from clients and peers alike. To shed light on the experiences and perspectives of women in finance, we spoke with some of the remarkable women driving the success of Bush & Co and Astria Payroll.

Sunny, a Director at Bush & Co, highlights the unique experiences of women in leadership roles. “I have not had to challenge stereotypes and I have been very fortunate. However, recently a valued client said to me that he came to me as a client because I was a woman and I would be better at the job than most men as I had risen to the position that I was in!” noting the subtle recognition from the client that women sometimes have to work twice as hard as men to achieve the same level of success, often with less compensation.

Jo, a Senior Manager at Bush & Co, reflects on her journey, recounting early encounters with gender dynamics in the workplace. “As a young woman at the early end of my career I was exposed to harassment by my male boss and there were only two females in a management team of eight” she shares. Despite these challenges, Jo emphasises that her career has been characterised by respect and equality, with a noticeable increase in female representation over time “I’ve definitely seen more women in the industry since I began,” she affirms.

Abbie, a Senior Accountant at Bush & Co, shares her inspiring journey into accountancy, fuelled by a supportive environment led by women. “As someone who didn’t feel university was the right fit, I found my passion for accountancy through apprenticeships,” Abbie recounts. She emphasises the importance of women asserting their capabilities in a traditionally male-dominated field, particularly in situations when men can be overpowering with their own opinions in the business and finance sector.

Kerry, Tax Manager at Bush & Co, reflects on past experiences in male-dominated environments: “it’s nice coming somewhere where you’ll be well recognised for your efforts and your abilities and experience.” Working part time and raising a family, Kerry notes that still being able to progress while also having the time for her family commitments is of great importance to her and her work life balance. In previous positions where the company was heavily male dominated, particularly on a senior level, going above and beyond and putting in extra effort often goes unnoticed as a woman, whereas Kerry found that men who joined the organisation who were often  younger with less experience, were given a more senior position over the female members of staff who were better qualified; “I am happy it isn’t like that at Bush. To get that recognition, that does matter, recognition you’re doing your job and you’re doing it well.”

Emily, Manager at Astria Payroll, delves into her experience as manager and expresses that navigating the workplace as a woman presents unique challenges, with expectations often weighing on us as we fulfil our roles. Gender biases and societal norms have at times hindered confidence or led many to be overly accommodating. However, many women like Emily have adopted strategies to overcome these hurdles, learning to communicate assertively to ensure their voices are heard. “As a working parent, striking a balance between work and home life poses additional challenges, especially with the added expectations of motherhood. I’ve established clear boundaries to maintain separation between my professional and personal life, yet remain flexible to accommodate the demands of both. Having a supportive team of like-minded individuals has been invaluable as we work together to create a diverse, inclusive, and understanding workplace.”

On International Women’s Day and every day, Bush & Co and Astria Payroll celebrate the invaluable contributions of women in finance, striving to pave the way for broader representation, and empowerment in the industry.


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