Client case study



Raceworld Ltd., led by Director Berty Whittington, sought tailored financial management to navigate the complexities of their dynamic Go-Karting business. Choosing Bush & Co was a natural decision due to its reputation for personalised service and expertise in diverse business environments. This personalised approach fosters trust and enables Bush & Co to provide solutions uniquely suited to Raceworld’s needs.

Bush & Co’s proactive guidance proved invaluable to Raceworld Ltd. during pivotal moments, such as orchestrating acquisitions and weathering the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. By offering prudent forecasting and strategic insights, Bush & Co empowered Raceworld Ltd. to navigate uncertainty with confidence and foresight, ultimately contributing to their resilience and success.

In the ever-evolving business landscape of Raceworld Ltd., bespoke solutions are essential. Bush & Co serves as a trusted financial advisor, working closely with them to translate their growth aspirations into actionable strategies aligned with their objectives. Through their unwavering commitment, transparency, and value-driven approach, Bush & Co has forged a strong and enduring partnership with Raceworld Ltd.

Berty comments...

“Their advice gave us confidence to take calculated risks with our cash flow, which we would not have done without Bush and Co’s advice.”

“A good accountant is like a strong marriage, it is very important you choose well for long-term success.”

Berty Whittington